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The world has introduced many innovative ideas to the life of humanity; they have both positive and negative nature and impacts. This is the age of information technology and with the passage of time routine matters become easier to deal. Development is for the betterment of life but the advancement can be used in negative perspective also. As the computer and internet technologies are at the fastest pace at this point of history so the people with evil tendencies diverted their attentions towards this field and established a new form of crime which is called Phishing, in which through a fake email, pretending to be a legal enterprise, person’s personal information acquire and his or her identity steal by cyber fraud practitioners. Afterward that stolen information could be used in various manners for illegal acquisition of interests. Different kinds of Information can be theft like user’s name, pass word, account details or credit cards details. This stolen information can be used in making money, like to use a person’s internet transaction account (PayPal). The phishers or hackers of the certain kind can have their access to the common people accounts and then no other complicated procedure is needed, if a person has the email address and pass word, he can easily sign in and get all the money out, without any traces and possibilities to be caught by the law.

Phishers adopt the most common and obvious method to grab a PayPal account information, they just email the PayPal customer which exactly looks like the original PayPal email, in that email they ask the customer to verify his account details because of any technical problem, require the customer to type his user name and password. These fake emails have the same PayPal logo and format. The customer deceives by the original appearance of the web service and allows the phisher to take away his money.

The word “Phishing” has come out of “Fishing”, the rationale of the word is that when a bait thrown into the water with the hope to catch maximum number of fishes, some fishes ignore but some get tempted and caught. So these fake emails spread to the millions of recipients and it is expected that maximum number of people get influenced and give them a way to steal their identity. But as this idea has penetrated into the society, now banks, companies and other financial organizations have now become alarmed and they have informed their customer to beware of these emails because they will never deal these sensitive matters on internet, if they get any email of this kind, ask to inform the concern company.

These kinds of identity theft have now become very prominent in the cyber crime world but again the main drawback which legal authorities have to face is that these kind of cheaters are very hard to catch and the evidence of crime is quite difficult to find, because the hackers have tricks to erase all the data which they used in committing a crime.

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